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Rentals and Private Events

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Enjoy a film and some fun with friends and family. Just make your movie selection from our list of movies or bring in your favorite DVD/Blue-ray, and we’ll screen it just for you in our traditional theatre or the new living room. We'd be happy to host your next event, whether it's a kid's birthday party, wedding anniversary, graduation party, or anything you'd like to celebrate! 








Rental Fees:

Monday-Wednesday $375

Thursday- Sunday before 1:00pm: $375

Weekend party times options:

10:00am-12:00pm, 10:30am-12:30pm, or 11:00am-1:00pm 

Parties with more than 45 people (not just kids) will incur an additional staff fee of $100. 

A cleaning fee of $150 will be added to all parties with more than 35 people in attendance. **

If you choose a film we are currently showing, we still have to charge a ticket fee along with the rental fee... the distributors know when we play their movie and they want to be paid!!! 

Thursday-Sunday after 1:00pm:

Base fee of $475- subject to increase based on the needs of the event.

  Please reach out to the Event Assistant, Jack Richardson, for more information. 

Please note- if we have a big Blockbuster movie, it will be harder to accommodate afternoon parties due to film industry/distributor terms. 

All rentals include a small popcorn for each guest and/or we can customize a concession package for you. We have recently partnered with our friends at Chuck Wagon to offer hotdogs as part of a concession package! Just let us know how many in your party a week prior to your event, and leave the rest to us!  


(if already booked for 2024 as of December 1st, you're "grandfathered" in)

But, for all rentals booked for 2024 going forward:

Parties with more than 35 people (not just kids) will incur an additional staff fee of $100. 

A cleaning fee of $150 will be added to all parties with more than 25 (children) people in attendance. 

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PLEASE read the FAQs before reaching out- it's faster, easier, and we guarantee 99% of your questions will be answered there!

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