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A Message from The Wilmette Theatre:

Summer Is Here!!


We love the warm weather, blue skies, beaches, pools, BBQs, and other outdoor activities just as much as you!!

We also know that it is hard to come inside and sit in the dark when you can frolic in the sunshine.. but please remember us when you are batting away mosquitos and gnats and those giant biting flies at the beach. Remember us when you're slathering aloe all over your sunburned skin. Remember us when your AC conks out or your fans stop fanning. Basically... please remember us. As your local non-profit, 110-year old theatre, we need you to remember us year round. This summer we will continue our fabulous line-up of films (all over 90% on Rotten Tomatoes). We will still host live music, live comedy, live story-telling and more... We're even hoping to bring in some fun trivia nights!!

If you still want to stay outside, no problem, we understand- soak it up! You can still support your local theatre by making a financial contribution.

We're here because of you. We're here for you.


See you at the movies & more!

Your friends at the Wilmette Theatre



Your Wilmette Theatre has seen 100 years of historic moments, including right now! We're proud to say we're prevailing because of fans, friends, and patrons just like you.

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