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A Message from The Wilmette Theatre:

We're Still Here!!


We love warm fireplaces, crisp blue skies in the mountains, the sandy beaches of the Caribbean and Florida other holiday activities just as much as you!!

We also know that it is hard to go outside and sit in your car while it's warming up so you can run errands and get your holiday shopping done.. but please remember us when you just need a break, a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of the season. Remember us when you're standing in line hoping that the store DOES have whatever your kid/teen/adult person in your life wants is actually in-stock because it's not available online anymore. Remember us when you're out of wood burning logs, or your cable goes out, or you know deep in your heart that microwave popcorn just isn't the same, and it doesn't compare and no matter how hard you try... a home theatre isn't the same and you CAN hear your dog barking at the Amazon person. Basically... please remember us. As your local non-profit, 110-year old theatre, we need you to remember us year round. This winter we will continue our fabulous line-up of films (first run, foreign, animated, and holiday). We will still host live music, live comedy, live story-telling and more... 

If you still want to stay home, no problem, we understand- fine... You can still support your local theatre by making a financial contribution.

We're here because of you. We're here for you.


See you at the movies & more!

Your friends at the Wilmette Theatre



Your Wilmette Theatre has seen 100 years of historic moments, including right now! We're proud to say we're prevailing because of fans, friends, and patrons just like you.

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