Members In The Spotlight:
Marcia Kimpton

We take pride in celebrating the work of those local talents who support our mission - to connect and educate the community through the arts. 

Marcia grew up right here in Wilmette, (a proud New Trier grad) but now travels the world as an award winning producer, director, actress – she does it all! Currently filming overseas, she’s working on her latest TV series, An American Abroad. Reflecting back, Marcia recalls watching her favorite movies at the Wilmette Theatre. This is where the inspiration began for her impressive career, helming major projects, and being recognized for her work. The theatre wants to thank Marcia for her generous $50,000 donation this spring, at a time when it has mattered more than ever. In her own words, "There is no comparison to the emotional experience of seeing that film on the big screen. I wanted to support the theater that opened my eyes up to film.” Thank you Marcia!


Please join us in supporting her creative projects, by either watching her award winning film "Bardo Blues", or her newly released TV series American in Amsterdam Quarantined.