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Comedy Troup Interview from Chicago SKETCHFEST!

AMAZING interview just published today from The Chicago Sketchfest (the largest Sketch Festival in the world):

The ATC Teen Comedy Troupe interviewed at Sketchfest by Steve TobiaszListen to 10 minute interview by clicking here!

Go ATC Comedy Troupe! 

PS: Stay tuned for news on their upcoming shows at The Annoyance Theatre and at the Wilmett Theater in Spring! They're "in process" writing it right now...shh, it's still a secret. 


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Seth Steinberg

From: George Contarsy, 02/03/13 08:34 PM

Your troupe is so lucky to have this multitalented genius working with you. He is quite modest and probably has told you of his debut performance at the Bolshi Ballet Improv group in Moscow last summer. His biggest admirer, Vladimir P. (he requests that I do not use his full name for securtiy purposes) freed thirty polictical prisoners from death by hanging as a tribute to Seth's performance. Vlad was qouted as saying "... we got so many ready to hang whats a few more or less, and besides Seth really makes me laugh".