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The last in our little series, A little Princess, a critically acclaimed children's fantasy, celebrates how the magic of grace, humanity and love can transform a traumatic situation and that the joy of being" A Little Princess" is in all little girls.

Filled with wild stories and a playful attitude, the unconventional Sara becomes popular amongst her classmates but quickly comes into conflict with the harsh headmistress, Miss Minchin  who attempts to quash the child's individuality. The young girl's situation takes a serious turn for the worse when she unexpectedly receives word of her father's death, and, suddenly impoverished, is forced into life as a servant. Treated as a lesser class of person by her former companions, Sara instead befriends her fellow servants and turns to the power of imagination in order to maintain hope for the future.  Parents need to know that Burnett's novel is a beautiful,fanciful,old fashioned story with a complex  young heroine of 10 years old. it is a story of Goodness overshadowing outmoded perspectives and greed.

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