TV / Film Intensive with PR Casting Associate Lauren Phillips

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Saturday, September 6th
9am – 1pm  /  4th-8th grade
2pm - 6pm /  9th-12th grade


4th-12th Grade

PR Casting has been a leader in the Chicago film community for over 20 years, so we are very excited to have PR Casting Associate Lauren Phillips teach this Film and TV Intensive. Lauren will get to the heart of how to rock a film/TV audition with pre-assigned scenes, recording, playback and analysis of the student`s work. This is a unique opportunity to have someone from one of the busiest casting offices in Chicago show you what the "other side of the table" looks for in a casting room. Learn how to deliver better on camera auditions in order to increase your chances of booking.

Instructor: Lauren Phillips

Commercial Auditions for Kids w/ Stewart Talent Agent Jenny Wilson

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Sunday, September 21 
2:00-6:00 PM 6th-High School


6th-High School

Top talent agent Jenny Wilson's years of experience representing young talent gives her a keen eye for training. She will take students through the key steps of auditioning for commercials (slates, interviews, single-person copy, and one liners) as well as give everyone time to ask questions about the business. You don't want to miss this special opportunity to hone your craft with a pro.

Instructor: Stewart Talent Agent Jenny Wilson

The College Challenge

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Sunday, October 5th
2pm – 6pm

9th-12th Grade and parents

This program, led by Carole Dibo and Janet Louer, provides a forum to identify, clarify and take the anxiety out of choosing the right school.  Parent and student wil spend the morning together receiving a detailed overview of the differences and benefits of specific programs and the choice between a conservatory and a liberal arts program.  Then, after a break for lunch, parents can feel free to ask questions of the instructors while students attend a talkback with recent graduate of various programs.
"It is important to me to have the talent I represent learn from actual casting directors who are working in the city. That is why I recommend classes at ATC, that are taught by casting directors like Steppenwolf's Erica Daniels, and TPR's Mickie Paskal and Jennifer Rudnicke."-- DAWN GRAY, PRESIDENT, GRAY TALENT GROUP
"Well I thank you once again for having me to your monologue workshop.  I ended up auditioning for, and getting, that part Erica mentioned she had for me!  Woo hoo!"
"My daughter came home with a notebook full of information, personal critiques to work on and it boosted her confidence on camera."
"As a mom it makes me feel very proud when a director tells me over the phone, "Your daughter is very talented." I have YOU to thank for helping her use her talents!"
"I took a workshop at ATC and an agent came and saw me.  That's how I got an agent."
"You will take away more than you can imagine. Don't miss these workshops!"
"Going into auditions after these workshops, I feel there is so much more within me to pull from."
"I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much my daughter enjoyed the weekend workshop. Your instructors were so knowledgeable and caring. She just booked the lead title role in a short film. While prepping for her audition, she had her notebook out to review her notes from the course. It really built her knowledge base for on-camera."
"Sage came home both days beyond enthusiastic about everything she had learned, and absolutely LOVED Deborah’s ‘warmth and encouragement’ (her words, not mine!).  She had a big audition the following week and was cast in the role she wanted, so please let Deborah know she must have taught those little ones well!"
"I could even see a difference after the first day in how my daughter prepared for the next day's scenes."