"It is important to me to have the talent I represent learn from actual casting directors who are working in the city. That is why I recommend classes at ATC, that are taught by casting directors like Steppenwolf's Erica Daniels, and TPR's Mickie Paskal and Jennifer Rudnicke."-- DAWN GRAY, PRESIDENT, GRAY TALENT GROUP
"Well I thank you once again for having me to your monologue workshop.  I ended up auditioning for, and getting, that part Erica mentioned she had for me!  Woo hoo!"
"My daughter came home with a notebook full of information, personal critiques to work on and it boosted her confidence on camera."
"As a mom it makes me feel very proud when a director tells me over the phone, "Your daughter is very talented." I have YOU to thank for helping her use her talents!"
"I took a workshop at ATC and an agent came and saw me.  That's how I got an agent."
"You will take away more than you can imagine. Don't miss these workshops!"
"Going into auditions after these workshops, I feel there is so much more within me to pull from."
"I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much my daughter enjoyed the weekend workshop. Your instructors were so knowledgeable and caring. She just booked the lead title role in a short film. While prepping for her audition, she had her notebook out to review her notes from the course. It really built her knowledge base for on-camera."
"Sage came home both days beyond enthusiastic about everything she had learned, and absolutely LOVED Deborah’s ‘warmth and encouragement’ (her words, not mine!).  She had a big audition the following week and was cast in the role she wanted, so please let Deborah know she must have taught those little ones well!"
"I could even see a difference after the first day in how my daughter prepared for the next day's scenes."