Your staff is extraordinary and should know just how much they touch the kid’s lives!!!!"
"I want to thank you for your efforts in the exceptional Stage to Screen program. Grace enjoyed every part of it!”
"It is a real credit to you that you paired that kiddie humor with a meaningful story line, interesting character development and collaborative work process [in Stage to Screen]. WOW!  The supportive and festive atmosphere, the terrific camerawork, the high-talent staff – you exceeded expectations in every way!"

"[My daughter] has come home with such energy and excitement and cannot wait to come the next week."
"Thank you for providing [my son] with such an incredible experience and for showing him the rewards of working hard."
"When I drop off our kidsthey burst out of my car with smiles on their faces, ready to go. I think that this says so much about you and your classes.”
The instruction they receive from you makes them the performers that they want to be."
"I absolutely love your insight and advice to the kids. It sounds like they are gaining not only first-rate acting skills -- but lasting and essential life-skills, as well.
"[My daughter] is so proud of the ‘new her’ (the same fabulous her as before but with a new confidence)."
"I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with ATC.  I wish every child had the opportunity to experience your outstanding program."
"I learned more in this class than in 7 years of acting."
"I got so much out of my improv class at ATC. It helped me with confidence, risk-taking, improv-abilities, and acting in general - the whole shebang."