Rachel Brosnahan

House of Cards



Melanie Neilan

Steppenwolf: Russian Transport



Katie Chang

 The Bling Ring



Alina Taber

Chicago PD




Chicago Shakespeare:  Seussical The Musical


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Winter Classes

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K-12th Grades (9 weeks)

January 17 - March 19

Adults  (6 weeks)

February 9 - March 19 


Spring Workshop Session

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4-Week Workshops
K-1st       Story Theatre
2nd-3rd  Four Plays in Four Days
4th-6th   The Art of the Disney/Nick Audition
               Acting Through Song
7th-12th  Understanding Your Music
               Accent & Dialects Toolbox 
               Secrets of Shakespeare
9th-12th ABC's of Design
9th-Adult  Stage to Screen Calibration
1 & 2 Day Workshops
4th-Adult  LA Film Intensive
7th-Adult  PR Casting Tips for an Effective Audition
                Breaking Into the Business
9th-Adult  College Challenge

"ATC kids come in with a special brand of confidence and ease. When I reach out to ATC for recommendations they send us talented, unique and prepared kids." – AJ LINKS, PR CASTING

"Carole Dibo is a Chicago treasure and the students at ATC are fortunate that she has this school in their community." - MITCHELL GOSSETT, SENIOR PRESIDENT, CESD TALENT

“ATC is the place I go when I'm looking for talent. Their track record is unbeatable." –ADAM BELCUORE, CASTING DIRECTOR, THE GOODMAN THEATRE

"As always when I am seeking a special young performer, I contacted The Actors Training Center. And, as always, they did not disappoint. Janet Louer's suggestion that we see Emily Chang was spot-on, and we could not be more thrilled she will be playing Jojo in Chicago Shakespeare's summer production of SEUSSICAL." -- BOB MASON, CASTING DIRECTOR (CHICAGO SHAKESPEARE THEATRE)

"ATC corners the market on teaching and training young people."-- ERICA DANIELS, ASSOCIATE ARTISTIC DIRECTOR (STEPPENWOLF)

"ATC offers the best actor training for teens and young adults in the Midwest. Carole sets the bar high, which will always make ATC the first stop when looking for young talent in Chicago."-- GEOFFREY SOFFER, NEW YORK CASTING DIRECTOR (UGLY BETTY)

"ATC is better than most of what we have out here in Los Angeles."-- DEBORAH DION, L.A. CASTING DIRECTOR